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Dendera & Abydos

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A Luxor day tour to the most complete temples in Egypt.Abydos and Hathor temples at Dendara may be the best preserved in Egypt with full color still visible on its walls




Day Tour Dendera,Abydos From Luxor

Early Morning you will be accompanied by your friendly expert Egyptologist guide from your hotel / cruise in Luxor to Explore the ancient sites.
Tour to visit Abydos Temple the ancient Egyptian believed of god (Lord of the underworld) to be buried there. The temple was built by King Seti I, and completed by King Ramsess II, known as temple of Seti I. It is located in Abydos city about 135 km from Luxor. The paintings of the Gods and Pharaohs on the walls of the Osiris Temple at Abydos are among the most beautifully preserved in Egypt. Then Proceed to Dendera to visit the Temple of Hathor, goddess of love and joy. The temple is located in Dendera which is situated at the north of Luxor. 

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